“What a song! Every box that I look to be ticked is ticked here from playing to production, from energy and excitement to the ability to keep me engaged for the entire song and be left wanting more – That much I had to take a second listen right away!” - Keep It Rock 

“Wow! Awesome track. What a voice Daniel on vocals. Cool riffs that will have the body moving on. Be sure to keep an eye out for these guys.” - Rockerhead

The Heart You Tore Apart viskaa heti alussa kaiken peliin ja iso soundi kohoaa komeasti kohti tähtiä. Tarttuu nopeasti olematta kuitenkaan sokerisen tahmea, näin meneviä rockmetallihippusia tulee purkittaa.- Desibeli.net

"Bourbon Souls is powerful, full of strength and emotion. It sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack of your favorite anime. The scope of the music is huge. It just feels large and looming. It is melodic, and the melodies carry the listener far away." - Metal Temple

"It’s melodic without being cheesy, dark but upbeat and deceptively heavy – just as it should be!" - Ave Noctum 

"There is not a track on this album that would not be placed in regular rotation on mainstream rock radio here in the States. Well, that fact that this album is so good may not allow that! You need to check this one out!" - Metal Rules

"The songs with big brash choruses and subtle keyboards that get your foot involuntarily tapping as heard on opener “Strååling”, “Parasite”, “Wasted” and “Arnold”." - Teeth of the Divine

"WOW, that’s how I like my Alternative Metal: Strååling is an impressive opener, those Finns indeed rock! Heavy guitars and catchy riffs." - Stalker Magazine 

CD "Bourbon Souls" 
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