Founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland, Stråle are a prophecy made to fulfil itself. After having made a name for themselves on their home turf with just a few songs throughout the last years, the group left no stone unturned and no potential untapped to strive for that kind of sonic perfection you can now hear on their first full-length. 

“Bourbon Souls” is a monster, a compilation of instant hits that marry broadband alternative metal you’d usually hear from North America with equal panache and self-confidence to the melancholy tradition of latter-day Sentenced. As such, the album is set to bedazzle a wide audience that appreciates familiar tropes and fresh energy alike. 

Which is just what the sextet delivers. Mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren with Linus Corneliusson in Swedish Fascination Street Studios and graced by a stylish artwork from Roberto Toderico (Asphyx, Sinister et al), songs such as the beefy highlight ‘Wasted’ , power ballad ‘Where Everything Disappears’ with its warm string fundament or the wistfully tinkering ‘Faithless’ hit home immediately, yet refuse to wear off even after multiple spins. 

This is music you simply have to kick your feet up to while listening, constantly alternating between propulsive and gentle parts without losing a beat. It’s so easy to imagine singer Ålarik crooning like Ville Valo on steroids during a big arena show – something the band will surely experience rather sooner than later with its larger-than-life choruses after conquering both single and album charts; it’s simply that good as a whole, this stunner of a record. 

Stråle are: 
Ålarik (v) | Åndi (g) | Råntti (g) | Råsse (keys) | Zapåta (d) | Jåhnny (b) 

“Bourbon Souls” track listing: 

01. Strååling 
02. Faithless 
03. Control 
04. Parasite 
05. No One's Around Me 
06. Wasted 
07. Arnold 
08. Where Everything Disappears 
09. The King Of Silence